Psychology 2720A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fundamental Attribution Error, Lie Detection, Display Rules

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= the study of how we form impression of and make inferences about other people. Uses: what we see in others, what we see in ourselves, what others see in us. Primary uses of nonverbal behaviour: expressing emotion, conveying attitudes, communicating personality, substitution for verbal messages. Theory that people experience a small number of distinct emotions: distinct biological roots, sevres as evolutionary function. Primary emotions identified by ekman: fear, anger, sad, joyness, surprise, disgust, contempt. The finding that certain emotions exist across most of all cultures doesn"t mean that culture are identical in their emotional expressions. Display rules = cross cultural guidelines for how and when to express motions. Do others know when you are lying: there are reliable nonverbal indicators of lying. However, no one nonverbal behaviour is associated perfectly with lying, and lies can be told successfully without these behaviours. Lie detection methods: humans as lie detectors.