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Chapter 14 research methods.docx

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Psychology 2800E
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Ch14DataExplorationPart1GraphicandDescriptiveTechniquesNoteomitpercentilebasedmeasuresofvariabilityonp354omitRegressionandVarianceAccountedForfromp366368dontmemorizeequationsinfootnotesonp356PreparingDataforAnalysisBeforestudyyoushoulddecidehowyouweregoingtohandleyourdatahowtorecordthemhowtopreparethemforanalysiswhichstatisticstouseLabnotebookforrecordinginfoimportanttothestudysuchasdesignprocedureandplannedanalysisComponentsofDatahandlingo1putthedataintomatrixforminasummarydatasheeto2Dopreliminarystatisticsandplotso3Checkforinvaliddataandmakecorrectionso4Checkformissingdataandreplacewithmissingdatacodeo5Checkforwilddataandremoveo6Describethedatanumericallywithdescriptivestatisticso7Describedatagraphicallyo8PerforminferentialstatisticsstDataReduction1steptheprocessoftranscribingdatafromindividualdatasheetstoasummaryformoDifferfromonestudytothenextoInitialrecordingdoneonsheetsrecordresponseofeachparticipantshouldhavespacestorecordtimedateresearchersnameconditionanyotheridentifyinginfoneededoQuestionnaireparticipantfillsoutplacecolumnonrighthandsideofdatasheetwhichthedatacanbetransferredasafirststepindatareductionnumbercolumninregardstothecolumnwhichthedatawillberecordedonthesummarysheetTranscribe data into a summary sheet or electronic spreadsheetoSummary sheet 1 page including all data usually in matrix form aka a tabular arrangement with rows indicating subjects and columns indicating independent variables oExample p 349 Dr Carltons Tests The Coding Guide p 351 exoA record that specifies the variables of a study the columns that occupy in the data file and their possible valuesoSpecifies for each variable the number of digits which columns in the data file they will occupy and the possible values of the variable oCreate a nominal scale to state which label goes with which number ex 1 8 am class 2 11 am classoRecord coding guide in lab notebook comment page of your data sheet Preliminary Descriptive StatisticsDescriptive Statistics statistics that summarize a set of data do first
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