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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Week 5 Health PsychologyAcute Infectious Disease quick lead to death rare in NA better quality of life keeps it rareLeading causes of death in NA Heart disease cancer strokeChronic disease slow no cure live with for long preventableHow to get people to participate in healthy activities1 Encourage health beliefs translates to behaviour2 Directly change behaviourHealth Beliefs Basic Idea unhealthy behaviours come from unhealthy beliefs changebelief to change behaviourHealth Relevant Beliefs how to change behaviour through belief 1 General health beliefs im interested and concerned about my health2 Belief in a health threat influence by perceived severity perceived vulnerability unrealistic optimism affects most people here3 Response Efficacy high efficacy they say if I quit now I wont die of cancer but low efficacy they say its too late for me already better keep smoking4 SelfefficacyI am capable of health behaviour vs I cannot5 Outcome beliefs weighing the pros and cons of the potential quitting With teens it is important because they dont care about ling term negative outcomes better to stress short term ie smoking causes bad teeth and smell6 Subjective norms Normative beliefs what we think other people want us to do eg family doctor say quit smoking friends say dont Motivation to comply with these other people can be high motivation or low Intervention time want to add normative pressure to quit and increase motivation to comply The Cognitive Behavioural Approach to Changing Peoples Unhealthy BehavioursBasic Idea what can be learned can be unlearned behaviour1 Systematically observe the problem behaviour self monitoring discover what the stimuli are that control beh Stimuli in Environment beh is under stimulus control must change the controlling stimuli eg tv on snacking availability of snack turn off tv trash snacks Consequences of behaviour snacking makes you feel relaxed change behaviour you need new consequencesEverytime you refrain reward if you cave you punish yourself
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