Psychology 3225A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Zygote, Glycoprotein, Aromatase

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Presence of sry gene (via autosomal copy), wolffian ducts. Phenotype female diseases: ais (tissues do not respond to t, no muellerian or wolffian ducts, also known as tfm), turner"s syndrome (xo, but have non-working ovaries, no menstrual cycle, sterile), muellerian ducts. Face-mobile study (males prefer mobile, females actual face) Toy preferences in vervet monkeys (due to specialized recognition systems, i. e. spatial senses, males prefer boy-oriented toys that can move and have more interaction, females prefer socially oriented toys, no difference in neutral toys) Cah girls = (aggression and activity level questionnaires, cah girls more than control girls, boys more than girls, suggests prenatal androgens the cause of this) Cah girls= (toy preferences, cah girls preferred more masculine based toys) Important to remember high levels of androgens in early development results in potentially masculinized toy preferences. Could also be related to cognitive functions such as motor skill level, activity level, and or temperament.

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