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Psychology 3800F/G Final: 3800F/G - Final Exam Notes, pt. 2

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Psychology 3800F/G
Ryan Stevenson

Oneway ANOVA WHY Use Flexible technique to investigate the relation btwn one or more ind var(s) and a dependent var Unlike the ttest for ind groups, the of groups in the ind vars can be > 2 Efficient way to prevent inflating the Type I error rate as a result of comparing several group means WHEN Use Therefore it is generally considered more appropriate to use a Oneway ANOVA design (i.e., one ind var) than an ind ttest when the IV consists of three or more groupslvls When the of groupslvls are 2, an ANOVA mathematically reduces to a ttest Main Idea in ANOVA Compare the variability btwn the group means (i.e., how diff are the means) with the variability in the samples (i.e., how diff are the obss within the samples) o AKA is the variance btwn groups signifly > the variance within groups If the variability btwn the means is much > the variability in the samples, this suggests that samples do not come from the same pop Features of the Design 1. 1 IV (IV) or grouping var (factor) 2. 3 or more ind groups (lvls) 3. measuring all groups on 1 DV 4. calculating a mean score (of DV) for each group 5. testing for diffs among the group means Note: results only tell us whether there is some diff btwn the means (but not where that diff lies) H 0 1= =2 = 3 = k H A at least 2 means differ signifly Sources of Variance Reasons why group diffs may be noted: 1. random variation error 2. true diffs among groups due to experimenters manipulation of IV ANOVA tells us which 1 causes the obs diffs btwn the means Interpreting the F obt ANOVA decides if: variance btwn> variance within General rule: o if there is no effect then MS btwn MS within F 1 o if there is an effect, then Ms btwn> Ms within F > 1 The ANOVA Model Steps Inspect data for any errors and outliers (this should be used as first step to any anlys Report means, standard deviations, and sample sizes for each group
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