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Psychology 3950F/G Final: 3950F/G - Final Exam Study Notes

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Psychology 3950F/G
Albert N Katz

Feb. 14: 2 School of Psych 1 structuralism; 2 functionalism William James (18421910) More philosopher st Credited with creating 1 psych lab in USA (same time Wundt did in Germany) Rejected strict experimental lab research to reasoned speculations Born NYC; son of unorthodox mystic; siblings: Henry James (author), Alice James (diarist) Family moved often, back forth across Atlantic Entertained intellectual figures of the day (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Washington Irving, Oliver Wendell Holmes) 18521860: school (NY); private tutors (Eng Fr); school private tutors (Switz Ger) 18611864: various activities (painting, studies various topics at Harvard) 1864: enters Harvard Med School 18651866: joins Agassiz expedition to Brazil o Disagreements with Agassiz pushes him toward philosophy o Smallpox hospitalizes him during this trip, returns home with physical illness; recurs throughout life 1869: MD from Harvard; period of illhealth recovery follows 1871: appointed instructor in anatomy physiology at Harvard Early 1870s: Metaphysical Club comes into being o Group of men who get together to debate virtues of positivism, rationalism, what came to be called pragmatism 1875: begins teaching psych at Harvard 1876: assistant prof of physiology 1878: marries Alice Howe Gibbens (had 5 kids) 1879: begins teaching philosophy at Harvard 1880: assistant prof of philosophy 1885: prof Major publications: o 1890: Principles of Psych o 1892: Psych (Briefer Course; revised v of Principles; standard text for decades) o 1902: Publication of Varieties of Religious Exps o 19061907: lectures on Pragmatism, at Lowell Institute Columbia U o 1907: lectures published as Pragmatism: a new name for some old ways of thinking 1910: death, 68yrs old; many important publications bfr death Wife recorded in diary: Acute enlargement of the heart; worn himself out Pragmatic Philosophy Pragmatism: to have a belief is to have certain rules for action Any every notion has its own set of practical consequences Meaning of a thought said to be we course of action necessarily follow from it In metaphysical disputes btwn false true notions, dispute must be settled by considering practical consequences of the 2 notions o Identical notions: any 2 notions shown to have identical practical consequences James writes: whenever a dispute is serious, we ought to be able to show some practical diff that must follow from 1 side or the others being right Functionalism
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