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Practice Test Errors FOR UNIT TWO.docx

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Psychology 1000
Lynn Jackson

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Practice Test Errors 1. The director of the school cafeteria discovers that students like chocolate chip cookies much better than molasses cookies. To sell the molasses cookies, she prices them at 25 cents each and continues to charge 1 dollar for the chocolate chip cookies. When students keep buying far more chocolate chip cookies, they are violating ____________ theory, which is a ____________ model of human decision making. a. prospect; normative c. prospect; descriptive b. expected utility; normative d. expected utility; descriptive ANSWER: B POINTS: 0 / 1 NOT C 3. Students frequently learn the Big Five personality model by using the word OCEAN, where each letter of the word corresponds to the first letter of one of the factors (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism). These students are using: a. hierarchies c. chunking b. linkage d. primitive features ANSWER: C NOT B 4. According to levels of processing theory, more-deeply encoded information is remembered better than less-deeply encoded information because: a. it has greater rehearsal b. it is stored longer in short-term memory c. it is more meaningful d. it is entered into long-term memory more logically ANSWER: C NOT D Yesterday you taught your dog to crawl across the floor while barking. If the dog is to perform this fabulous trick tomorrow then he will need to ____________ the trick, then ____________ the trick, then ____________ the trick. a. encode; store; retrieve c. rehearse; store; retrieve b. store; encode; retrieve d. store; rehearse; retrieve ANSWER: A NOT C 7. If you spend the same amount of time reviewing material as testing yourself on the material, you will learn more from ____________ because of the increased ____________ time. a. reviewing; rehearsal c. testing; retrieval b. reviewing; retrieval d. testing; rehearsal ANSWER: C NOT A 9. Capgras syndrome is an extreme case of: a. confabulation c. absentmindedness b. false recognition d. memory bias ANSWER: A NOT B Which following term is used to describe a removal of a stimulus? a. positive c. reinforcement b. negative d. punishment ANSWER: B NOT D 10. Which following term is used to describe a removal of a stimulus? a. positive c. reinforcement b. negative d. punishment ANSWER: B NOT D 20. Mr. Ramirez is the principal of a middle school that has recently had its attendance boundaries redrawn. For the first time his school is going to contain an equal number of black and white teenagers, all of whom have previously attended very segregated schools. From what you know about schemas, what might Mr. Ramirez do to promote better relations among his students? a. have them attend lectures on each other’s cultures b. have students from different racial groups work on projects together c. have them visit each other’s schools before the change d. have the first unit of the year be on stereotypes and prejudice ANSWER: B NOT A 22. Joe and Tom have been roommates for two years. In that time, Amy started to date Tom. Since having a bad breakup with Tom, Amy now also does not like Joe. This is an example of the phenomenon known as: a. biological preparedness c. guilt by association b. cognitive preparedness d. shared virtue models ANSWER: C NOT D 33. An evolutionary view of the perception of human emotions would hold that in societies with strict power hierarchies, people lower in the hierarchy will read the emotions of people higher in status ____________ than they w
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