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Psychology 1000

Review March 7, 2013  Next Time: Stress  Scan: page 581 – 599  Agenda: o Prejudice o Major points  Question: o When instructor tell subject to them to write will have no effect, no dissonance  Prejudice: o Prejudice is an attitude o Discrimination is a behaviour o Both negative and unjustified  Theories of Prejudice o Hovland and Sears (1940)  Displaced aggression o Realistic Conflict  Limited resources o Social identity  Enhances own self-esteem  Categorization  “They all look alike to me” o Outgroup homogeneity effect  Brigham et al. (1982)  Eyewitness study o Atkinson (1993) … photos  Create two groups  All 4 males or  2 male, 2 female  When male rating similarity when 2 female is present, the 2 males on the top will be perceived similar compared to 4 males o Tajfel and Wilkes (1963)  There are lines different length  When create two groups, we can see that each group seems similar  The EXAM: o 75 MC o Chapter 9 – 13  12 questions per chapter  15 lecture questions o Lots of stuff are on theories o Understand the theories to produce the facts o Names are not important o Don’t care about ages  Care about the stages o The differences between the theories  IMPORTANT POINTS  Language: chapter 9 o Properties of language o Syntax  Really important, structure, how to put sentences together  Deep and surface structure o Language learning  1, 2 word speaker  What is it about  Hardwired? o Language of thought  Logical ways, inductive, deductive  Things people do for problem solving o Heuristic processing  Identify what they are  What are heuristic error  Sample size and etc.  Test might be given seniorial  Intelligence: Chapter 10 o Psychometric tradition  How to measure intelligences  The techniques and how the scales are used o Unitary vs. multiplex  Is intelligence single or multiple things  Galton 1 thing, Binet multiple thing  who predicts o IQ  Know how to calculate it  Know the formula o Galton, Binet, Spearman, Thurstone, Gardner and Sternberg  Specific theories, they’re name and they’re theories  Galton unitary  Binet multiplex  Thurstone unitary  Gardner multiplex  Sternberg multiplex o Reliabili
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