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Psychology 1000
John Campbell

Lecture Notes Chapter 15: Personality with Freud *Schools of psych emphasized measurement of human perception (5 senses) what the senses are able to pickup = determines degree of understanding world around you *influence of subconscious = before Freud = Plato, Rene Descartes & thought of as philosophers not psychologists Ex. Explained the mind as an iceburg can only touch the surface area so much is not seen *None of these previous people provided explanations *Freud = first to provide scientific explanations on the subconscious *Views that he was exposed to influenced him ex. Gault all these major thinkers influenced the development of Freud’s theory  Intellectual atmosphere - Freud’s theory did not develop in a vacuum  Development of Psychoanalysis – the relationship of experience and the development of his ideas. The case of ANNA O.  Free Association – a technique to replace hypnosis *Freud was Czech Slovakian, his family moved to Venna -He was jewish which restricted him to be a lawyer/doctor so he took up medicine -took 8 years to get his degree -he was reading Darwin & Goth + learned 3 languages (couldn’t just focus on medicine) -Freud abandoned goal of teaching medicine, started working in hospitals and focused his interest in neurology -Freud was loyal to his wife and did not have an affair with his niece *Reimer = practitioner Freud became friends with -case of Anna O = host of symptoms (hysterias), paralysis of the limbs, insensitivity of pain, disturbance of speech and vision, nausea and confusion -Hysteria = greek for moving womb -dropped her career to take care of her father -talked to Bruer about her day which caused symptoms to subside -called these sessions “the talking cure” = catharsis: the release of pint up stress *Technique used at the time = hypnosis (moved you from a different state of consciousness) -do not remember what they do and say *Sharko and Reimer used hypnosis and trained Freud -Freud knew that brain prevented the arm from working and patients did not have brain malfunctions =it was their mind -Believed only women could get hysteria so men did not get hysteria *After training in France, returned to Vienna to teach new information of male hysteria (not received well) -Freud = ostracized from mainstream medicine *The psycho analytical couch= relaxed position talked about what was bothering them -thoughts = reason/cause to enter minds of people -Resistance: Motivated forgetting: motivated to avoid anxiety *1890s freud + Reimer published case studies on hysteria cured with psych analysis -fantasies take a sexual form -Dreams represent a disguised effort to bring about a solution Ex. Money=feces, journeys=death, king=father, tree snake staple= penis, box books purses= vulva, scissors= breasts *Carl Young, Adler -Freud broke off relation with Alder because he researched man`s need to compensate inferiority which was social environmental (does not fit in the boundaries off freud’s theory) -Young = libido as general tension instead of sex, Young left out the matters of sex in his presentations on Freud’s theory. Freud felt that young left out sex to be accepted and popular  Freud’s crises – A failure to verify  The interpretation of Dreams – held to be Freud’s single most important published work and another technique to extend Free Association  The theory of Personality – from his work came a method for investigation, an approach to psychotherapy and a theory *The theory of Personality -Not a static theory (things kept changing) -Developed Free Association: which was conscious discussion -Pre conscious: items easily brought into conscious without effort -Structural components he relied upon = ID Ego and Superego  The Theory of Personality  Components of – ID, EGO, SUPEREGO  Kinds of Anxiety – Reality, Moral, Neurotic  Libido as a driving force: Stages of Psychosexual Development & the Oedipus Complex  Summary remarks Stages of Psychosexual Development Anal Two Stages: -retaining stage: try to reserve control -the anal character: affects the adult anal character type stinginess, orderliness, stubborn Phallic stage (genitals) 5-6years For boys: -look at their genitals -stage formed the odeipus concept -son becomes jealous of father being with mother -fear of castration so he supresses his feelings for his mother -feelings of hostility for dad = replaced by modelling after his father trying to adopt characteristics of his father For girls: -lack of penis results in penis envy -odepius phase results in super ego (to supress and remind the ego)  Both male and female phallic characters = dependent, only engaging for own benefit, sexual activity represents conquest Latency period (6-10years) -sexual energy is present but repressed -libido energy is directed towards objects (girl’s = teddy bears) -aggressive impulses for both sexes -revival of tendencies from infancy  All phases are done by 10.  Adulthood = elaboration of infancy and childhood  Behaviours in adulthood = unconscious need to fulfill the levels that weren’t filled  Neo-freudians (like freud but don’t think he is correct on everything)  Some neo-freudians like Adl
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