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Psychology 1000

Freud Part 2 March 18, 2014 Freud Model of the Mind Defense Mechanisms Tapping the Unconscious Pg. 550-556 623-628 What is Freud’s model of the mind and personality? How does an individual deal with extreme anxiety How can you get information about the unconscious mind? April 24 7:00 p.m. & discussion opens next week If ego obeys superego ID may not be satisfied and if EGO follows ID superego may punish with guilt Iceberg analogy • Lots of stuff under and that represents the unconscious mind • ID is all underwater no conscious anything-all the urges come from • Ego is half in and half out so it can communicated with ID and world • Superego half in , and half out one can communicated with ego or ID if it wants, and external because you need to get the rules somewhere like mom and dad Unconscious Conflict • Interaction of ID, EGO and superego results in constant struggle o Anxiety o Ego is constantly in a state of anxiety o Struggle is real • Ego o Reality Anxiety: fear of real world threats o Neurotic Anxiety: fear of ID’s desire o Moral Anxiety: fear of guilt • Anxiety is no fun so avoid or reduce • How? o If threat is in real world, flee and avoid o Rational move by EGO o What if ID wants forbidden object or behaviour o Can’t stop thinking about it --remove from consciousness -repression (repress that desire) • For ID thinking and doing are the same • Ego must control the thought o Just tells ID yeah we did that don’t worry about it • Devote some mental energy to keep thought (memories, feelings, etc.) out of awareness • EGO uses repression as DEFENSE MECHANISM o We want to use this all the time-most common (Freud says this) • Repression often incomplete comes back with feelings sometimes • Takes energy • Urges re-surface with anxiety • EGO needs reinforcement Displacement • When ID cannot achieve primary goal, secondary goal is fashioned as outlet o E.g. displaced aggression (want to punch mom-kick that cat instead) o Secondary outlet (ID is like ugh it’s okay) • Not always negative (orally fixated so you suck lollipop) • Sublimation-urge redirected in with superego o art, sports (draw a picture of kicking cats) Reaction Formation • with displacement urge rechanneled to safe route • may have to block urge completely • repressed wish is warded off by engaging in diametrical opposite o you hate your sister and punish f
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