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Psychology 1000 exam notes

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Psychology 1000
Marla Wolf

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Psychology 09/29/2011 Psychology 1000 Dr. Wolf Social Science Building 7440 [email protected] by appointment What is psychology? Study of human behaviour Learning, memory, brain basics Vision, consciousness Sign in: Your username: [email protected], section # Textbook code Password Evaluation summary 3 midterms: 20% each Pinal exam: 30% Papers 2x2.5% = 5% 2-3 pages maximum Review one journal, comment on hypothesis, method, results and discussion Include second recent article (>2005) from different journal that refutes or corroborates the first paper Submit online to WebCT Clickers 2x2.5% = 5% REQUIRED Uwo email id Participate in 14/20 lectures 15/22 in next term Must Participate in 6 research experiments for How to study Notes online night before as pdf REVIEW EVERY NIGHT Make summary notes Read Chapter 1 for Wednesday Lecture notes on WebCT Chapter 1 09/29/2011 Case Study: Game of Death, fake reality TV show. Participants shocked others to win. Majority did so. Gary Hansen was bullied so began homeschooling. Went back to public school and hanged himself. Jumbled words belief Psycholinguistics- psychology of language Anonymous author, no reference information, minimal switching of letters Difficult to read if longer words The Nature of Psychology Psychology- the science of behavior and the mind science: based on observations behaviour: observable actions of an individual mind: thoughts, feelings and sensations perceptions, memories, dreams motives, and other subjective experiences (inferences) Fields of Psychology
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