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Psychology 1000

Theme Ender’s Game Falling Down Blue Taylorism Champagne Manipulation “Not a joke, a game. I Manipulating Korean -Megan manipulated into Technology can make you guys store owner to lower his selling love tape between manipulates man.
 believe anything. I can prices. (Through her and cooper.
 make you dance around violence)
 Page 40
 like puppets.” (pg.14)
 “every motion, every 
 Manipulating the burger -Cooper is manipulated small fact becomes “Individual human beings joint to feed him what he byAnna Louise. She the subject of careful are all tools, that the wants and when he wants forces an opinion of others use to help us it.
 scientific survive.” Dink to Ender Megan onto him. 
 investigation.” page (pg.34) 
 Page 24
 D-FENS forced to leave 
 gang territory.
 “The message was clear. By killing the Nazi, he You work to survive.
 Survival Winning is more services/escapes death.
 important than anything.” 
 To survive in the Avoiding the police. 
 factory you must be Rose to Ender
 good at your assigned 
 Prendergast survived his job. “I have to win this now, last shift. Escaped the and for all time, or I’ll superstition. fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.” (pg7) (or freedom)***
 Identity “He toyed with the idea D-Fens is a terrorist/ “Thats my talent: to feel “Taylorism represents the of trying to be like other murderer. 
 natural in unnatural dehumanization of work: boys.” -Ender (p. 28)
 circumstances.” p21
 the breakdown of tasks 
 Two men in Nazi shop (Megan talking about the into their simplest “Perhaps it’s impossible being defined by sexual tape)
 components t
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