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Psychology 1000

Skim • “I think it’s a total violation. Making kids try to feel something they don’t. I mean, I’m sorry, I just think it’s stupid, so I’m not doing the card” (Tamaki, 33) • “Dear Diary, Today in prayers, Julie Peters (Katie M’s best friend) announced that she is starting a new club. The GCL Club. (Girls Love Life)” (Tamaki 52) • “Dear Diary, Last night I went to Ms. Archer’s house again. I don’t know if she expected to see me” (Tamaki 72) • “Yea. So maybe it won’t be so bad. We can torture the hornet. We can come to class with blood dripping from our fangs. Or our wrists. We can be suicidal goths. She’ll have a nervous breakdown trying to stop us from killing ourselves” (Tamamki 81) • “He was maybe a star volleyball player and depressed person who was also in love with a boy who was on the St. Michael’s second-strong volleyball team.” (Tamaki 94) • “No one talked about John being gay at the ceremony” (Tamaki 95) • “When I say her name it feels like a candy that accidentally slipped out of my mouth” (Tamaki 109) • “I’m talking about this dance, which just happens to be a fundraiser for a service that would have saved your boyfriend’s life” (Tamaki 131) • “I looked for Lisa after school, but someone said she saw her leave with Anna Canard. If she joins the GCL I will laugh SO HARD” (Tamaki 110) • “My dad says my mother is a cold synical women who has no appreciation for a broken heart” (Tamaki 10) Maus - “Congratulations! … You’ve committed the perfect crime … You put me here … shorted all my circuits … cut my nerve endings … and crossed my wires! … You murdered me, Mommy, and you left me here to take the rap!!!” (I.5.105) • “God damn you! You – you murderer! How the hell could you do such a thing?” (I.6.161) • “I dunno…maybe everyone has to feel guilty. Everyone! Forever!” (II.2.32) “Yes, life always takes the side of life, and somehow the victims are blamed. But it wasn’t the best people who survived, nor did the best ones die. It was random!” (II.2.35) • • “The note told that I worked with him. Such a paper could be useful to have.” (I.4.79) • “And the fat from the burning bodies they scooped and poured again so everyone could burn better.” (II.2.62) • “We lay on top of the other, like matches, like herrings. I pushed to a corner not to get crushed … High up I saw a few hooks to chain up maybe the animals.” (II.3.75) • “He wrote that we had to give over the grandparents even if they took only him away now.” (I.4.89) • “So we got stamped our passport and came quick to the good side of the stadium. Those they sent left, they didn’t get any stamp.” (I.4.92) 
 “Each day it was Selektions. The doctors chose out the weaker ones to go and die.” (II.2.18) • “Ever since Hitler I don’t like to throw out even a crumb.” (II.3.68) • “You should know it’s impossible to argue with your father.” (I.3.45) 
 Explanation: • “We lay on top of the other, like matches, like herrings. I pushed to a corner not to get crushed … High up I saw a few hooks to chain up maybe the animals.” (II.3.75) 
 Even - “And I didn’t succeed. She’s determined to become a cyclist.” (Willis, p 68) the • “‘Rational!’Viola said. ‘Her eyebrows light up, Mother. She has Custer’s Last Stand on her arm’”. (Willis p 71) Queen • “Are you kidding me? She never tells me anything either. That time she had eyebrow implants, she didn’t tell me for three weeks, and when she got the laser tattoo, she didn’t tell me at all. Twidge told me. You should have called me. Did you tell Grandma Karen?” (Willis, p 70) • “They call their group leaders ‘docents’. Their philosophy seems to be a mix of pre-Liberation radical feminism and the environmental primitivism of the eighties. They’re floratarians and they don’t wear shoes.” (willis, p 73) “I thought she should be part of this discussion,” Viola said. “After all, she’ll be getting her shunt soon.” (willis, p73) • “She said they had a family gathering, like this, and simply talked to her daughter, and she decided she didn’t want to be a Cyclist after all.” (Willis p 74) • • “All this fuss is over Perdita’s having her shunt removed?” Karen said finally. “She’s of age, isn’t she? And this is obviously a case where personal sovereignty applies. You should know that, Traci. After all, you’re a judge.” (Willis, p 77) • “The Cyclists are dedicated to freedom,” she said. “Freedom from artificiality, freedom from body-controlling drugs and hormones, freedom from the male patriarchy that attempts to impose them on us. As you probably already know, we do not wear shunts.” (Willis, p 78) • “You’re blind, all of you! You don’t even see that you’re victims of a male conspiracy to deprive you of your biological identity, of your very womanhood. The Liberation wasn’t a liberation at all. It was only another kind of slavery.” (Willis, p 84) • “”Victims!” The docent shouted. “You’ve been stripped of your femininity, and you don’t even care!” She stomped out, destroying several squash and a row of gladiolas in the process.” (Willis 85) “This is Evangeline, Perdita’s docent,” the voice on the phone said. “I hope you’re happy. You’ve bullied Perdita into surrendering to the enslaving male patriarchy.” (willis p 88) • • “Unlike you, mom, i believe in telling members of our family about matters that concern them” (Willis p 70) • “I think I like the anxiety attacks the best,” Viola said. “When I went off the ammenerol, so I could have Twidge, I’d have these days where I was convinced the space station was going to fall on me.” (willis 80)
 Fool’s • “There is no money left on Earth. The whole standard’s meaningless.” (Zettel, 56) Errand • “No recognizable way to get food or shelter. No way to trade for skills, or transport, or anything at all. No way for the ship to trade for reactor fodder, or water.” (Zettel 56) • “But the hot guess is that somewhere in all that self
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