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Psychology 1000
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Psych Lecture Part 2Lecture 13SensationNext time read 150158What do Weber fractions tell you about sensationCan we perceive subliminal messagesHow does the visual system workHow do we perceive the world around usPsychophysicspsychophysiologyPsychophysics relation between physical stimulus and psychological responseFechner Father of psychophysicsCan determine a just noticeable difference JNDThreshold Value of a stimulus characteristic required to produce some responseAbsolute threshold Lower limit ie auditory threshold is 20hz20khzVision Candle flame at 50kmHearing Tick of a watch at 6mTaste Tsp of sugar in 8L waterSmell 1 drop of perfume in a 6 room apartmentTouch Wing of a fly falling on cheek from 1cmDifference threshold The amount of change necessary for JNDRelation brightnessperceived brightness not a 11 relationWebers law Size of difference threshold relative to physical intensity of test is constant dIIC ddeltaIe if I50db and JND is reported at 55db 550110 this is the C valuePredict JND at 100db dI100110 therefore dl10db new test could be 90 or 110 dbOnly works for small changes not very generalizableValue of JND is not constant but the relative difference is constantCan compare sensitivity of different system smaller the C the betterVision 160 eagle has 1200Kinesthesis weight 150Pain thermal 130Audition mid pitchmoderate loudness 110Skin pressure 17Smell India rubber 14Taste salt 13Therefore vision is the most sensitive Fechners lawSensation increases with the logarithm of intensitySK log I dont need to knowThis is more general and cognitively economicStevens power lawN SK long Idont need to knowMore predictive across a variety of sensations Subliminal perceptionCan we perceive stimuli that below thresholdIs our behaviour affected by subliminal stimuliJames Vicary 1957Claimed 50 increase in popcorn salesConcern about the use of subliminal cutsWilliam TapleyIn general there is no evidence that subliminal cuts influence consumer behaviourBUT consider BruceValentine 1986PrimingResearch shows if you show a subliminal cue that relates to the actual picture response happens 100ms fasterFitzimons 200830 ms exposure to either apple logo or IBM logo tested creativitySensory systems1 Accessory structures for enhancing another structureeg outer ear improves sound goes in the ear2 Transductionreceptors3 Codingeg frequency4 InteractionPhysiological and psychologicalIris colored area in your eye and pupilIris functions like a sphincter adjust to control size of the pupil to control light intakeCornea focuses the light Vitreous humor a jelly that fills the eyeRetina light sensitive area at the back of the eyeFovea Most sensitive part of the retina importantBlind spot cant detect imagehttpwwwphysufleduaverycourse3400visionretinapicturelivejpgLecture 14Visual Processing Next time read 170176How to rods and cones workHow does the visual system enhance imagesHow can we explain phantom spots3 distinct cell layers in the retinaGanglion cells on the first outer layer on the retinaBipolar cellsReceptor cells
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