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Psychology 1000
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Chapter15StressCopingHealthView stress in 3 ways1StimulusaStressors eliciting stimuli events that place strong demand on us2ResponseaStressresponse w cognitive behavioural physiological componentsbPresence of negative emotions important feature of stress response3Organismenvironment interactionaTransaction bw organism and environmentbStress pattern of cognitive appraisals physiological responses behavioural tendencies occurs in response to perceived imbalance bw situation demand and resources need to cope with themStressorsoMicrostressors daily hasslesoCatastrophic events unexpected affect large number of peopleoMajor negative events ex Deathrequire major adaptationEvents occur suddenlyunpredictably affecting person over long period of time take greatest tollLife event scales quantify amount of life stress a person has experiences over given period of time IndicatesoWhether particular event occurredoPositivenegative appraisaloMajor eventoRate predictability controllability durationDefine stress in negative life changes onlyPositive life events can counter negative impactStressResponseRespond to situationsas perceived4 aspects of appraisal process are of significance1DEMANDS of situation primary appraisal2RESOURCES available to cope with situation secondary appraisal3CONSEQUENCES of situation4PERSONAL MEANING what outcome might imply about usIf you believe demands of situation greatly exceed resources experience stressPotential consequences failing to cope successfully with situationoSeriousness and likelihood of consequence occurringPsychological meaning of the consequencesoBeliefspersonal standardsvulnerable to particular situational demandsDistortion of appraisals can occurinappropriate stress responsesoOverestimate seriousnessoUnderestimate resourcesoExaggerate consequencesoIrrational selfbeliefsMake appraisalbody responds mutually affect one anotheroBody feedback affect our reappraisalsoEx If trembling before interviewwill seem more threatening than initiallyChronicStressandGASGeneral adaptation syndrome physiological response pattern to strongprolonged stressors1Alarm reactionhelps body deal with stressRapid increase physiological arousalActivation of sympathetic nervous systemo heart raterespiration dilate pupils slows digestion
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