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Watch the Game of Death video posted under the course content tab labeled Discussion 4 video Then answer these questions1 Why would people deliver shocks to a person who is obviously in pain2 How could you prevent this3 Why do you think people watch Reality Television in general1I believe that there are two main reasons why participants were so willing to deliver shocks to people obviously in pain The main reason is the context of the situation This occurred in a game show setting with an audience watching the participant receive instructions from an authoritative figure As the video mentions when people are in this setting they become detached from reality and are willing to do nearly anything The second reason is that the instructions are being given by an authoritative figure Due to the way our society is throughout our lives we must take instructions from authoritative figures and act them out whether it be listening to our parents teacher or boss Therefore it is our natural reaction to obey commands when given from an authoritative figure These two reasons coupled together could very well explain why people would be so willing to
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