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What is PoliticsExamples ElectionsDemonstrationsPolicy decisionsLaw makingPolitics mattersDecisions that affect youLaws assign rights and dutiesDecisions are enforcedHaiti and the Dominican RepublicOne islandDifferent environmental conditionsConsequences of political decisionsDominican is much richer 5 times More land smaller population better economyPolitics matters but what is itSome meaning of PoliticsFormal Government activityDishonestly seeking personal gainNoble pursuit of the public goodWho gets what when and howWho gets what when and howChimpanzee politicsoCompetition power conflictoDominance strategies and alliances oWinners and losersBonobo politicsoPeacefuloGentle and lovingoErotic and egalitarian oHunt and eat other monkeysElements of politicsPolitics is a social process in which people make binding decisions in regards to conflictsSocial politicsConflictBinging decisions EnforcementIt is between love and waroPure conflict is waroPure cooperation is true loveoPolitics is conflict AND cooperationWhere is politicsFamily economy stateInternationalEverywhereAspects of politicsCollective ActionConflict and cooperationAuthoritative decisionEnforcement against the disobedientGovernmentWhat is GovernmentThe activity of governing or rulingExercising authority over othersCoordinating collective decisionsAristotle 384322BCAsked 2 questionsWho rulesOne few manyIn whose interestoIn the rules interestoIn the interest of othersAristotles forms of governmentTyrannyrule by tyrantMonarchyking queen etcOligarchyrule by the richAristocracyrule by merit basisDemocracybad rule by many included unwashed and poor Interest in themselvesPolitymany but not the unwashed and poor Rule in the interest of everyoneWhat is the StateTerritorial communityCentralized governing authoritySovereignty including monopoly of legitimate violence in a territoryWhat is PowerThe ability to produce resultsInfluencing others behaviorPower can take several formsForms of powerCoercionInfluenceManipulationHard Power vs Soft PowerHard PowerThe StickoForce and coercionoMilitary and policeThe CarrotoEconomic inducementoBribes and sanctionsSoft PowerAttraction Getting others to want what you wantInstitutions values and politicsThe world as a 3Level Chess MatchMilitaryEconomicKey Transnational issues disease environment etc
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