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Chapter 17TherapyIThe Psychological TherapiesAIntroductionPsychological therapiesoPsychological factors are the cause of disordersoTreat using psychological techniquesoAka psychotherapyoTechniques that are used in order to improve mental health by identifying maladaptive ways of thinking and feelings and replacing them with effective and adaptive waysoMany of the psychological studies have not been scientifically studied or tested oEclectic approachDont stick with one style of therapyPick and choose different techniques based on the needs of their clientsoPsychotherapy integrationScientists are working hard to bring all the techniques that work and have been tested scientifically and put them all in one systemBPsychoanalysis The psychic is being analyzedDeveloped by Freud in the early 1900sAssumptionsoThe cause for mental unhealthy is repressed childhood memories that were unacceptable or inappropriateoThese memories are still influencing you todayAimoDo an archeological dig on youoThe psychoanalysis is going to try to uncover those repressed urges and childhood memoriesoBy doing this we will get rid of them or lessen influenceMethodsoFree associationReport any thought mental feeling in your mindBy doing so is going to be your unconsciousoResistanceAs the patient is doing free association the patient will try and change the topicAn indication for the therapist that they are getting closer to the unconsciousoDream analysisFreud believed that when we are asleep our defenses are down and thus the unconscious will come out in your dreamsCome out in the form of symbolsoTransferenceAt some point in time thepatient starts to have feelings towards the therapistThey start to relate to the therapist like they would have with the significant other they have issues withThe therapist uses this to let the person know how maladaptive their feelings are and help them use different ways of communicating and resolving feelingsoInterpretationThe psychoanalysis looks for patterns
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