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Psychology AppendixSeptember 27 2011Appendix Statistics in PsychologyDescriptive StatisticsoResearch includes large number of measurementsoDescriptive statistics summarizes and describes characteristics of a setoFirst there must be a frequency distributionShows how many participants received a certain scoreUsually put into intervalsTells us about what scores are more popularEasily converted into a histogramShows how scores are distributedoThree commonly used measures of central tendencyMean median modeMode most frequently occurring score in a distributionMean arithmetic average of a set of scoresMedian the point that divides the distribution in halfOdd number of scores the number that is in the middle is the medianEven number of scores the number between the two middle numbers is the medianoMeasures of variability provide information about the spread of scores in a distributionRange difference between the highest and the lowest score in distributionCreate a deviation score that measures distance
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