Rehabilitation Sciences 3060A/B Final: PD Terms

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Western University
Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3060A/B
Thomas Overend

Parkinsons Disease Term Definition Source Bradykinesia Impaired ability to adjust the Bradykinesia. (2000, May 22). bodys position characterized Retrieved June 1, 2010 by the slowed ability to start from and continue movements. http:search.medicinenet.comsearchsearch_r esultsdefault.aspx?Searchwhat=1query=bra dykinesia Conjugate Gaze The eyes operate together as if MedlinePlus. (2010). Medical Dictionary. they were joined. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from Merriam Webster Website: http:www2.merriam webster.comcgibin.mwmednlm Electromyography An instrument that converts MedlinePlus. (2010). Medical Dictionary. (EMG) the electrical activity Retrieved June 1, 2010 from associated with functioning http:www.merriam skeletal muscle into a visual webster.commedlineplusElectromyography record or sound. It has been used in biofeedback training and to diagnose neuromuscular disorders. Encephalitis A viral encephalitis in which MedlinePlus. (2010). Medical Dictionary. Lethargica somnolence is marked. It was Retrieved June 1, 2010 from an epidemic between 1917 and http:www.merriam 1926. webster.commedlineplusEncephalitis20Let hargica Festinating Gait Involuntary acceleration while MedlinePlus. (2010). Medical Dictionary. walking. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from http:www.merriam webster.commedlineplusfestinating Hallervorden A disorder characterized by Stedmans Medical Dictionary. (26 ed.). Spatz dystonia with other (1995). Baltimore, MD: Williams Wilkins. extrapyramidal dysfunctions appearing in the first two decades of life; associated with large amounts of iron in the globus pallidus and substantia nigra. Insidious (Onset) When onset of disease is The Free Dictionary. (2009). Medical subtle and stealthy. Dictionary. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from http:www.thefreedictionary.cominsidious Kyphosis A rounded upper back due to MedlinePlus. (2010). Medical Dictionary. the thoracic spinal column Retrieved June 1, 2010 from being overly exaggerated in an http:www.merriam outward manner. webster.commedlinepluskyphosis
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