Rehabilitation Sciences 3060A/B Final: Traumatic Brain Injury Terms

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Rehabilitation Sciences
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Rehabilitation Sciences 3060A/B
Thomas Overend

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Traumatic Brain Injury Term Definition Source Apraxia A deficit in ones ability to perform (2008). Apraxia. voluntary motor movements. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from http:search.medicinenet.comsearchsearch _resultsdefault.aspx?Searchwhat=1query =apraxia Ataxia A nervous system disorder or a National Ataxia Foundation. (2008). What is secondary symptom to other Ataxia. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from conditions such as stroke or http:www.ataxia.orglearnataxia traumatic brain injury. Ataxia affects diagnosis.aspxwhatisataxia balance and coordination. Cortical A condition due to a lesion in the AAPOS. (2005). Cortical Vision Blindness part of the cortex responsible for Impairment. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from interpreting visual stimuli. http:www.aapos.orgdisplaycommon.cfm? The function of the eyes of a an=1subarticlenbr=260 cortically blind individual are usually normal, however the visual information is not processed due to abnormal brain functioning. Dysphagia Any difficulty or discomfort while Nestle Nutrition. (2008). swallowing. This particularly relates Retrieved June 1, to eating and drinking, which can 2010 from lead to choking, aspiration weight http:www.dysphagiaonline.comenpages0 loss and malnutrition. 1_what_is_dysphagia.aspx Hemianopsia A visual deficit due to brain trauma Rummel, E. (2006). Loss of Visual Field due in which half of the visual to Brain Injury. Optometrist Network. hemisphere is lost. Depending on Retrieved June 1, 2010 from where the area is affected, it is eithhttp:www.braininjuries.orghemianopsia_fi the left or right part of the field loeld_loss.html Hemiparesis Neurological weakness or paralysis Medical Dictionary. (2008). Hemiparesis. affecting only one side of the body. Retrieved June 1, 2010 from http:encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.comH emiparesis Heterotrophic The abnormal growth of bone in soft Stover, S. (2003). Spinal Cord. Retrieved Ossification tissue, usually resulting from June 1, 2010 from neurological deficits following http:www.spinalcord.uab.edushow.asp?du spinal cord injury. rki=21485 Hyperbaric Pertaining to pressure of ambient Stedmans Medical Dictionary. (26 ed.). gas greater than 1 atmosphere. In (1995). Baltimore, MD: Williams spinal anesthesia, a hyperbaric Wilkins. solution has a density greater than that of spinal fluid.
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