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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Islam Study NotesIndulgencessold by the Catholic Church to buy your way out of purgatory Martin Luther against itClash of CivilizationsSamuel Huntington 8 civilizations in history comes down to Islam and the West religious clashOrientalismEdward Said specific way that we view the Orient says little about the Orient says more about the West eg place of magic mystery sexually available women unchangedJahiliyyameans ignorance preIslamic Arabia economy based on raiding and pastoralist social structure based around the tribe and pastoralist religion was based on animism god as a transcendent force special powers in certain earthly objects and jins genie artpoetryHaramsacred precinct forbidden acts ended retaliation based on honour no one could harm you there around the Kaba in MeccaRamadansacred time where no killing is allowed becomes Muslim fasting monthSheikhtribal leaders first among equals olderwiserpatient person in charge of equal distribution of goods acquired from raids not hereditaryAlAminname of Muhammad before he was a prophet literally means the trustworthy oneKhadijaMuhammads first wife first believer in Muhammads message first Muslim 15 years older that Muhammad his employer wealthy widow dies before hijra over 25 years of monogamous marriage ideal marriage in IslamAishafavourite wife of Prophet Muhammad during the Medina period reportedly 9 years old when he married her 23 of all the Hadith came form Hadith teacher people came to learn from her spiritualpsychological equal of Muhammad lead military battle against the fourth caliph AliQiblacanonical direction of daily ritual prayer direction to Mecca Kaba from London it is northeastImmigrantspeople who migrated with Muhammad form Mecca to Medina Rightly Guided Caliphs were chosen from themHelperspeople who received lodged them in MedinaMuhammads role in Medinabecomes a judge arbitral militarypolitical leader
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