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Western University
Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Gyongi Hegedus

Exam Review Generate a few terms from definitionsIf its not on review will not be tested Ch2 Sigmund FreudDefinitions of religions will nt be tested nd 2 chapter will be tested with his belief of Secular Humanismconcerned with humanity but dont believe in godFreud believed religion was just a illusion meaning it was wish full fulfilment 1 Tension of nature death 2 Repression of civilization Abraham MaslowSecular HumanistPeak experience and sometimes call core religious experiencesChange appession of world around us Richard DawkinsSecular HumanistGenetic by product theory if religion is still existing many different species of animals can survive by themselves but humans as a species need to be taughtSlavish gullibility of child brain comes from parents and stays throughout life and a child cant distinguish the bad and good from what people tell us Sir William JonesComparative Linguistics all languages part of one familyScience Started studying many texts and deciphering religious texts Max MullerScience of comparative religionSacred books of theeastWas editor and made sure many sacred tests were translated Paul CarusReligious HumanistReligion of scienceWith D T Suzuki both translated and wrote many books about buddism and was face of buddism
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