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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 2132

1010G Midterm Review Section One (Short Answer): Of the five terms, TWO will be chosen to be the short answer questions. In your responses, ONLY use examples, evidence, theories, and concepts that were discussed in class. Your responses should be NO LONGER than eight sentences. Terms (definitions and concepts as discussed in class) • Religion  is a categorical term o Organized system of values and beliefs o Traditions, rituals rules o Holy texts o Data collection would have been in the 19 century o People believe in the truth of one entire religion • Belief o To believe in even the uncertain • “Spirituality” o Not dependant on religion  one can be spiritual but not religious o Views holy texts as metaphors as apposed to believing in the actual truth of the stories and texts o Finds pieces of many religions, stories, traditions etc. that they find important to their life and believe in those aspects as apposed to the entirety of a specific religion o Spirituality is more personalized and free than religion • “Truth” o Truth can be related to veracity, excellence and quality. Focuses on spiritually informed conduct over doctrinal orthodoxy – religious assertions are metaphors. • Translocal communities: Jewish groups; voluntary associations; Christian congregations o Translocality in early Christianity = Paul the apostle, a jew believed that jesus was the jewish messiah o Associations in the Greco- Roman world o What made them translocal? Jewish groups, voluntary associations and Christian congregations Section Two (Essay): Of the three themes, ONE theme will be chosen to be the basis of the essay question. In your response, ONLY use examples, evidence, theories, and concepts that were discussed in class. Themes • Development and critique of Religious Studies as a discipline • Methodological/Theoretical study of religion o Literary bias o Empirical emphasis o Methodological/Theoretical modeling of the natural sciences o Religious Studies and Theology as two separate disciplines o Eurocentrism  is the practice of viewing the world from a European- cente
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