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1Sociology Midterm 2 Study Notes Chapter 7Gender SexBiological categoryBased on physiological differenceso Anatomical hormonal etcSex is determined at conception as a result of cell formation o Ascribed status born with itCastor SemenyaWon 800 meter race but people believe it was unfair as she had a sex changeBecoming our SexObvious answer sex is natural biologically determinedBUT 13 of babies are born intersexed o External genitalia is not normal o In older days if it were the case it would be surgically reassigned 35 surgeries90 were made femaleeasier to dig hole than build poleo Sheryl Chasemade surgery only allowed if it had to be done ie Child could not urinate GenderSocial categoryBased on social expectations for individuals Can be linked to achieved status Set of social attitudes that can vary from culture to culture and over time within societyGender Norms o Rules for specifying appropriate behaviour for each gendergender scriptsGenderRole Socialization 1966 o By violating norms we determine what is or is not acceptableo Boys must bemasculine aggressive tough daring dominant o Girls must befeminine soft emotional sweet submissive Sex Codes Premarital Sexual Standards Sex Roles 1 Abstinence StandardForbids premarital sex2 Double StandardPremarital virginity for women men were allowed to have sex 3 Love StandardPremarital sex is acceptable when love is present common for women 4 Fun Standard2 Giving and receiving tool of pleasure common for menSex and marriage have become less closely linked for both men and womenViews on Premarital Sex 1 Egalitarian ConservativeLost equal respect for men and women hooking up too much 2 Egalitarian LibertariansNo respect lost for either men or women 3 Traditional Double StandardRespect lost for women but not for men4 Reverse Double StandardLost respect for men but not for women gender justice Becoming our GenderEveryone is always performing gender o Impression managementGoffman Qualities culturally createdyou become your gender through socialization process 18m3yGender Identityo Achieved Status Socialized into gender identityo Master Status Your gender identity becomes your master statusHughes All other attributes get judged by being filtered through being manwomanPowerful aspect of selfconcept which develops in accordance with the individuals gender and the social definitions of that gender within the larger gender ordero Gender Order A set of structural relations through which people are treated differently because of their gender Macrolevel concept that refers to social structure Directs how males and females should act Its biggest influence is to create a gendered division of labouro Patriarchy A system of dominance in which culture political and economic structures have been created by men and are maintained for the benefits of men as a group How it operates is culturally defineddetermined Gender IntensificationProcess by which individuals are influenced to hyperdifferentiate themselves from the other gender in terms of appearance and behaviouro Psychological differences between males and females Leads to conform to these roles traditional gender roles Perpetuated by mass media and advertising in pursuit of money
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