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Western University
Sociology 2169

Ch 9 Work-Family Conflict pt.2 1/28/2013 8:46:00 AM Who is disadvantaged by this policy? Ch. 9 Work-Family Conflict pt.2 January 28, 2012 Family leave Policies 1971- Canadian Labour Code revised to grant women right to maternity leave Late 70s-90s- 17 weeks maternity leave Benefits at 55% of their pay if worked 700 hrs in previous year Natural mothers only 1990s- polices expanded to include adoptive parents and fathers Family Leave Policies 2001 benefits package changed to allow for 15 weeks mat leave with benefits for mothers and an additional 35 weeks of parental leave for natural or adoptive parents (weeks can be taken by mothers or fathers) Family Leave Policies Individual provinces have increased the amount available Ontario: 17 week maternity leave + additional 37 weeks parental leave = 52 weeks Who is Disadvantaged by this policy? o Limited eligibility for employment insurance o Poor o Part-time workers o Self-employed o Temporary workers Other Family Policies o QC, BC, NB- 3-5 unpaid days a yr. for childcare/caretaking responsibilities o QC- low fixed cost daycare o Family medical leave- ON, employees with seriously ill spouse, parent or child can take up to 8 weeks off Still more work to be done… o Although Canada is a leader in providing progressive family friendl
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