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Western University
Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Lecture 8 [Guest Speaker] FBA: Family Benefits Act - Mothers Allowance - School was allowed GWA: General Welfare Act - Couple or single individuals CSR: Common Sense Revolution - Mike Harris? - Not allowed to go back to school 21.6% welfare cut Lecture 9 Education and families Handicapped student in band [video] -Patrick Henry Hughes -Father – “opportunity to be the best you can be in relationship to this person” Student backs dirty dancing teachers [video] -Winnipeg high school teacher dance off turns risqué -Role models? Both teachers fired Student-teacher scuffle [video] -Student is asked to hand over phone but doesn’t, principal pushes kid and forces him to the office… kid has a concussion, scrapes, bruises… principal loses higher position but still teacher Journal Articles: Can dismissing an award-winning teacher be good for students? -Quebec teacher suspended over inappropriate sex quiz goes too far with questionnaire -Award winning teacher gets fired for having a sex reassignment surgery. Kilt banned from high school convocation -kid from a past year flashed everyone when he got up to accept his diploma Anti-bullying clip – about young kids in school being bullied Changing education paradigms • Quality of writing is failing due to lack of training. Students in university have very poor writing skills than the past • Teachers don’t correct children’s writing as much as they used to because they are encouraging them to be creative • School system set up in a way that some people will do well and others wont Homeschooling: • Complex issue • Last 20 years, complete ignorance to some knowledge about it • Hostility towards it • Difficulty having curriculum approved • Not all kids advance at the same age • Some think that the school authorities are suspicious • Parents of neighboring children object/disapprove • Schools treat them as enemies History of homeschooling: • Widespread prior t 1870’s • Limited after 1870’s – mass education comes in • In 60s/70s – those on the “edge” • People who aren’t buying into the ‘mainstream’ – hippies • Mainstream families starting to homeschool more • 800% increase in the past 30 years • offering over 200 books on homeschooling • Homeschooling magazine sells more than 100 000 copies regularly • 1999 – us celebrates a week of the year as national home education week • It is being discussed more in mainstream media • Has to comply with provincial rules to make sure the child receives adequate education Regulations in Canada • Some provinces (not Ontario) have to register with local school or board • Have to apply in some places to be a homeschooling parent (AB, NB, NF, PE) • Require testing – AB • Follow curriculum guidelines – 8 provinces • Get curriculum approval - if getting funding then there has to be some kind of approval • Government sanctioned curriculum (MB) Homeschooling was illegal in 30 states until 1930. Only last 20 years is it legal in all states. Some places you need to have a teaching degree (high regulation states). In other low regulation states there’s hardly any government regulation. Homeschooler profile: -Usually have 3 or more children, or stay at home moms -Parents usually highly educated -2 parent families Why Parents Homeschool 1) Parents feel like they can do a better job. Only half of Americans (despite how much money they pour into the school system) are satisfied with the system 2) Maintain children’s spontaneity and love of learning instead of teaching kids to be obedient and stifling creativity 3) Higher academic performance with 1 on 1 instruction 4) Impact own set of values and beliefs 5) Resist social control • In the beginning you needed to teach obedience and authority 6) Physically safer environment for learning • no bullying, victimization • 2/3 of parents are worried about school shootings 7) Follow religious beliefs • Fastest growing group in US is Muslim • Expected to double each year for next 8 years 8) Health reasons for not being able to attend school Criticisms of homeschooling: • Children cannot learn as much • But students who are homeschooled often test higher in standardized tests • 80 percentile in reading • 76 percentile in writing • 70 in math • Doesn’t matter about educational background or if you have a teaching certificate to be a good homeschool teacher • Children will not be well socialized • Just because you are going to school doesn’t mean you are being well socialized • Children only socialize with others like them • Detrimental to community • Idea that instead of bailing, should get involved with training or fixing system Develop partnerships -Schools inflexible and slow to change -BUT: could share knowledge, skills, culture, and ideas -So: allow access to schools • Broaden range of what education is! Parents spend about $550 per child/year; schools spend $5500 (10x!) -And this is not including building schools, etc. Lecture 10 1727: Helen Morrison became the first person to place a Lonely Hearts Ad, appeared in the Manchester Weekly Journal, mayor committed her to a lunatic asylum for four weeks. Love Process of Socialization - Key figures growing up; parents -Who influences you when you are little, learn how to love, what to expect from love, what marriage should look like If you grow up in an abusive family… Girl- ends up being in an abusive relationship, abuse Boy- ends up being the abuser Considered child abuse if the child witnesses an abusive relationship, not just witnessing it anymore, now a victim too. Romantic Love -Romance novels constitute almost 60% of all paperback fiction sales -Valentines Day: $400 million on roses, $600 million worth of candy in the USA Thoroughly Modern Marriage [video] -open marriage -gay marriage Goode (1959) -examines connection between: - Romantic Love - Mate selection -Considers it to be unstable, unpredictable, and disruptive -Produces problems -As a result, inappropriate mates will get together -Love is playing such a role in our choice of partner because of the weight we play on individualism in society - Socialization Love -Produces major problems Biochemical Theory -‘Love is a Natural High’ -T-shirt study Men wore a shirt for 2 days then women smelt the shirts and picked which one they wouldn’t mind smelling all the time Study showed that women picked the smell of a man that were genetically different Attachment Theory -Closeness is a Survival Need, 3 factors: Secure: ideal, easy to be friendly or intimate, can depend on the other person, give and take relationship, don’t fear being neglected or abandoned Avoidance: avoid the intimate and close relationship, difficult to be intimate Anxious/ambivalent: women are less intimate then they would like to be, don’t think the man is as into as they are, insecure Wheel Theory -‘The Four Stages of Love’ - Ira Reiss “like a rolling wheel” -stages: 1) Rapport anything further than meeting the person, works for friendships as well 2) Self-revelation ethnic, cultural, educational background that’s similar, more likely to hit it off 3) Mutual dependency start to share feelings, hopes, ambitions and start to share more intimately, sexual activity starts to begin 4) Intimacy need fulfillment where you become a couple, making mutual decisions, reinforce each other goals, satisfying each others deeper needs, depend on each other Triangular Theory (Robert Sternberg) -Toward Consummate Love -3 important elements of love a. Intimacy: experience of sharing yourself with someone, communicating, emotionally supporting someone, sense of bonding and warmth b. Passion: romance, physical attraction, sexuality c. Decision/commitment: decision to be with this person, then the commitment to love them over a long period of time (Triangle, perfectly matched involvement) Combinations of intimacy, passion, and commitment Intimacy Passion Commitme nt Non-Love Liking X Infatuated X Love Empty X Love Romantic X X Love Companio X X nate Love Fatuous X X Love Consumm X X X ate Love 6 styles of Love (John Allen Lee) - Created a questionnaire, asked Canadians and British people to answer it and from it created the 6 Styles of Love Meaning Major Characteristics Eros Love of Powerful Physical attraction Beauty Mania (people Obsessive Jealousy, Possessiveness, and intense love argue it love dependency shouldn’t be one because its so negative) Ludus (player) Playful love Carefree quality, casualness, fun and games approach Storge Companionat Peaceful and affectionate, love based on (sometimes e love mutual trust and respect called conjugal love) Agape Altruistic Self-sacrificing, kind, and patient love love Pragma Practical love Sensible, realistic, criteria for what you want in your partner, logical decisions EXAM^^ Somebody who places an ad on the internet to look for a partner, what style of love do they have? Lecture 11 From a Kid’s Perspective What is Love? -“when mommy sees daddy on the toilet and doesn’t think it’s gross” -“when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it every day” -“when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more” What do most people do on a date? -“on the first date, tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested in a second date” What would you do to avoid a sour first date? When is it okay to kiss someone? How do you decide whom to marry? What is the right age to get married? Why do you think your mom and dad are married? How can a stranger tell if two people are married? AshleyMadison -dating site for married people who want to hook up with married people -launched in 2001 -receives roughly 1 800 000 visits/month -“life is short, have an affair” -wants naming rights for Meadowlands after city of Phoenix wouldn’t play ball -many attempts to advertise/g
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