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Sociology 2235
Gale Cassidy

Sociology Notes April 2 2013Youtube Video Homeless Man Sues his parents for not Loving him Enough on exam Guest Speaker Sean went to AA for his wife as a birthday present Domestic ViolenceIt was virtually ignored until the 1980s If a girl said that she was abused or sexually harassed no one would believe her it would be thought of as a fantasy It was even worse for boys A new type or more recent type of abuse is Elder Abuse There is a new campaign for them there is physical emotional and financial We tend to think of nursing homes because if it happens its all over the paper and news But we dont really think about elder abuse in the home and we dont really do anything about it The most common type of abuse is Sibling Abuse We think that family abuse happens to others the poor people the uneducated but family violence happens to everyoneanyone right across the board Things with abuse arent getting much better shelters for women are becoming even more populated The violence that happens is through the roof it makes us wonder why is this happening Why isnt anyone doing anything How Wife Assault is normalized in our society The normalcy of abuse towards women has been backed up by laws and the bible throughout the past The idea that men owned their wives and kids so they could keep them in line anyway they wanted Never in history has a man been able to assault his wife without reason But a reason could be that she was nagging 2500BCA man could beat his wife with a brick engraved with her name on it for talking back to him Middle AgesWives could be burnt at the stake by their husbands if they were acting out of lineThe rule of thumb came from the law that a man could beat his wife and kids with a itemstick no thicker than his thumb Women in 1800sexpected to adhere to husbands standards
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