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Deviance Study Notes - Test #1

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Sociology 2259
Lauren Barr

History of DevianceThe Sociology of DevianceThe systematic study of social norm violation that is subject to social sanctiondefinitiono three part process that happen someone has violated a ruleinformal law your caughtsomeone sees you being deviantsanctionedinformal or formalsome type of reactiono these steps are the social typing processo It has to do with the fact that were always comparing any behaviour to what is normal what is normal o normality implies that we share a common idea as to what is appropriateErich Goode a key component of deviance is difference When does different become deviant function of societydifferent ways to define deviance objectively as soon as it is subjective to suspicionobservationsocial control becomes a part of it then the action becomes deviantStanley Cohen What are laws madeWhy are they brokenWhat do we or should we do about thisUnderlying issue conflict if they didnt serve a purpose they wouldnt be there Issues of conflictwho determines who enforcesties into hierarchywho has power and who doesnt What are lawsboth informal and forma ultimately are a listconstantly changingThe role of power politicianspower to influence what is appropriate and what is notMoralscientists use a belief systemgive a label and have the reaction process startEntrepreneurs religious institutionstell us about what is right wrong moralevilmedia teaches us what we know about life commercial enterpriseproducts and how we make money and what type of jobs we have social controlmakes sanctions visible and messages clear to allso we wont be deviant Nietzche Nothing in life is fixed frozen unchanging or orderlythe one thing you can count on is unpredictability If this is true Becoming and changingwhat is deviant now may not be in ten yearsfrom this you get unlimited potential The sociologists roletry to change it for the betterrecognize changejob is to observe it can see trendsThe reality of human societieso we can do in either directionlearn from or not learn from Nietzche Continued Elites vsthe ruled o some naturally take the leadership role Moral entrepreneurs using ideology are instruments of noncreativityo Prevent eventso Block alternatives o Suppress creativityo sees the moral entrepreneurstake away the creativityprevents blocks and suppressesdont allow us to live up to our potentialPrescribe how we ought to live our lifeWhat is deviant varies from one individual society culture social context and historical era to another the social construction of devianceo what is acceptable and what is noto depending on role your perspective can change Historical and Social Context what was in the past that was considered extremely normalis now differentsometimes classed as unacceptable behaviour beating women Human Culture human beings create culture this ability is what makes us unique from other animalswe learn culture through symbols the norms we havethey are human createdwe create the society we live inat some point someone told us what was rightwrongallows us to have civilized contact How do we learn what is wrongstudying a groups labels and sanctions tells you a lot about their value system silence looks someone will tell you watching other people make mistakespeople being rewarded for positive behaviour Why do we label and sanction deviant behaviourIs evil learned or innatemorality and organized society challenges the belief systemcollective conscious if evil is learned there is a way to stop itif evil is innate you cant stop behaviourno way to prevent itscary Function of Society the social contract and human naturecomplex society structurecomplex social control rules keep it running smoothlysense of social cohesion
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