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Sociology 2259

Sexual Orientations 2/12/2013 2:31:00 PM Sexual orientation… – represents one‟s distinct sense of a natural preference and consistent attraction to sexual and romantic partners of a particular sex in the presence of clear alternatives. Sexual orientation… – has 3 distinct components: 1. Affective 2. Behavioral 3. Self-identity • Female sexuality… – described as more “fluid” than men‟s. - more plastic/more elastic Sexual Orientations • The gay/lesbian/bisexual community generally cites… – 10% – much higher in “gay friendly” large urban areas. • U.S. studies suggest… – 2.8% of men and 1.4% of women are homosexual • 2011 Canadian Census… – 64,575 (.08% of total families) same-sex unions Nature? Nurture? • Both… – biological and social influences contribute to the development of sexual orientation Biological factors… – predispose an individual to a particular sexual orientation. • Today… – there is stronger evidence for the biological contribution in men than in women - Sexual fluidity of woman emphasizes the importance of social context in woman‟s relationships. - their environment has more of an impact on them, than the men. Genetic Factors • Certain DNA patterns on the X chromosome appear to be associated with male homosexuality. – No such pattern has yet been identified for lesbians. • 50-60% genetic Gay Rights Movement Greater acceptance and a reduction of homophobia… fear of close interaction with gays, lesbians, or bisexuals Historical & cross-cultural attitudes about homosexuality • Pederasty… – sexual behavior between adult men and adolescent boys in ancient Greece as a natural part of a boy‟s social education. • Christian perspective • Catholic Church • Cross-cultural 1957 - Evelyn – no psychiatric differences between homosexual males and heterosexual males 1973 – DSM revamped, removed homosexuality as a mental illness Ca
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