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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Review for test one Midterm 75 Multiple Choice Questions. Covers Lecture One – Lecture Six You do not need to focus heavily on chapter 2 from the textbook for Cushing’s course. Only focus on the topics from chapter 2 covered in class. Test will be heavily focused on the things the professor talked about in lecture. Questions: (Taken from both lecture and Textbook: Deviance and Social Control by Linda Deutschman) 1. What is the Empathetic Explanation? 2. What is the Scientific Explanation? 3. What is the Ideological Explanation? 4. What is a subjective approach to deviance? 5. What is an Objective approach to deviance? 6. What is the Role of the Researcher in the objective approach? 7. In this class what is another term for positivism? 8. What is the Dark Figure of Crime? 9. Who was/is Papa Legba? 10.What are the two ways demonic spirits/ the devil can cause deviance according to supernatural theory? 11.What was the Malleus Maleficarum? 12.What was the trial by water? 13.What were the two catholic orders of monks given the job to hunt witches? 14.What was the solution to deviance during the classical period? 15.What was another term used to describe the witch hunts (or modern day witch hunts)? 16.What were the five central tenets of the classical view? 17.Who invented the Panopticon? 18.What did Beccaria argue that crime control was a function of? 19.How does the Biological view interpret deviance? 20.What approach to Deviance argues that if you look a certain way you will act a certain way? For example if you look Hogish (like a hog) you will act like a hog and be greedy and lazy. 21.What is phrenology? 22.What is the does the universal phenomenon of deviance argue? 23.What is the vicarious experience? 24.What example was given in lecture for a modern urban legend with a satanic reference? 25.What was the Panopticon related to in lecture? Answers: 1. Empathic explanation – put ourselves in someone else's shoes- subjective 2. Scientific explanation- scientific method -objective 3. Ideological Explanation – dogmatic
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