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Chapter 6/7 Review: Theories of the Mind/Social Disorganization

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Sociology 2259
Pamela Cushing

Chapter 6 ReviewPsychological Explanations of Deviance y Sigmund Freud y Founder of psychoanalytic school of psychologyy Major contributor to the world of unconscious mind y More culturally popular than scientifically popular nowfocused on the mind of the individualHuman Psyche 3 Parts y The ID pleasure principle o Your inner childour wantsneeds o Only part of the personality that we are born with o Concerns our drivesfood sex etc o Reminds us that we are animals y The SUPEREGO holds your morals o Conscienceholds your morals o Develops through socializationlearning societal expectations o Helps you function in society by suppressing urges of the ID y The EGO he reality principle o Balances the ID and superego o Helps us deal with realitytells us when it is appropriate to act certain ways Life Instinct vs Death Instinct y Life instinct Eroslibido sex drive self preservation y Death instinct our impulses towards self destruction y In constant conflict with each othercauses anxiety y Some people mind develop a criminal superego identify
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