Sociology 1020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bogardus Social Distance Scale, Arapesh Languages, Chain Migration

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The view that we have is limited so mills wants us to develop a sociological imagination . On the basis that we have to stand outside our daily lives in order to get a different perspective. Critiques of structural functionalism: too broad, ignores inequalities of social class, race and gender, focuses on stability at the expense of conflict (wants stability at any cost, despite social injustices of a given group, ex: immigrants) Evolving societies; argued that societies are dynamic and are evolving. Change from mechanical solidarity (a sense of belonging based on tradition/value) to organic solidarity (not based on tradition, in large industrial societies, everybody is doing something different. *key to the change is an expanding division of labour. Symbolic interactionism- a micro inspection, interested at looking at the individual society arises as a shared reality : argues that individuals react to symbols (languages) * a symbol is something that meaningfully represents something else.