Sociology 1020 Study Guide - Sex In Advertising, Modernization Theory, Historical Materialism

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According to the teevan text, socialization: teaches individuals to live among other humans, ensures the survival of the culture or group, all of the above (65, both a and c instills pro-social motivations, social skills, and cultural knowledge. Prefigurative cultures, as discussed by teevan, describe more traditional societies where unquestioned traditional norms govern in the relations between parents and their offspring: true, false (76 this describes postfigurative cultures) The teevan textbook discusses convergence, or the idea that the gender gap is closing between men and women in regards to pay, job tenure, and household responsibilities. The main textbook states that women and minorities will always be misrepresented in the media, given that the idea of sex sells" vastly overpowers the idea that money talks": true, false. (teevan, p. 292) What are the three components involved in demographic studies, as identified in the teevan textbook: births, deaths, emigration, movement, age composition of a society, stratification within society.