Sociology 2144A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Critical Race Theory, The Sociological Imagination, Herbert Blumer

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Sociology systematic study of human society and social interaction using scientific techniques is strongly anchored by theory and the methodological foundations of research practice. Sociology of education a branch of sociology that studies how social structures affect education as well as the various outcomes of educations. Attaining education is thought to ensure future economic security, social status, and perhaps social/psychological well-being o. Parents that want their children to have a better standard of living than they did will point to education as being a major determining factor o. How group life is affected by individuals. Center theme: we are not alone all of us are deeply intertwined with the reality of all nations in the world. Assists us in understand ourselves and our world. Approach: enables us to grasp the connection between history and biography, gives us the ability to see the relationship between individual experience / the larger society. Social structures - refer to enduring patterns of social arrangements.

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