Sociology 2144A/B Midterm: Sociology of Education Midetrm Review

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3 roles of education: socialize, selection, organization. Compulsory to 16 (except man, ont, nb its 18) Bring french and english together (value consensus) Took the pression system from us (military style) 3 main causes of social problems that led to required schooling. Means to equality and achieving greater social status > great equalizer. Meso (school systems > county or country) Micro > indv curriculum: what we are taught (schoosl decide what is transmitted) pedagogy: theories on how it should be taught. Human body > social institutions act like organs (1 fails, other fail) Equilibrium: all working: teaches vales & norms of present society. > leading to value consensus (feel togetherness: education is 1 component of social order, education symbolically linked to family, economy, politics, church, conflict (marxism) Edu is a political tool used by elite to stay elite: capitalist tool. Breads competitivness: hidden curriculum, conformity, tool of bourgeois hegemony (elite, economy brings change, edu follows.

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