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Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Sociology 2172A 002 Exam Tips60 reading 40 lecture Set of study notes from reading Magnitude of numbers for examNOT 354045 BUT 20 40 60 80Will use names for questions Example three characteristics of somethingIntroductionMarshall McLuhan1968Advertising is a very considerable part of our total culture It is not separable from any of the other activities of our world Advertising thought by many today as the most powerful force to determine human behaviour in society Sociology is the study of society and human behaviouro Composed of many social institutionValues and our norms determine our behaviouro What we think of the roles and status of the people in the societyo Advertising tells us what the world looks like Collective behaviour o Advertising brings us togetherAdvertising has basically told us the more stuff you have the more popular you will be Why advertising is studied in sociology 1 Distribution of resources Ie Super bowl ads2 Impact on society Ability to reach thousands of people a day with thousands of messages Contributor to our cultural content3 Agent of social control Parents Police Teachers Peers Advertisingwhat our roles and behaviours should be Reinforces values and normsalso creates norms Form of discoursePublic Opinion What has greater influence on society o Schools54 o Advertising42Most advertising is an insult to ones intelligence o Yes60Types of AdvertisingSociology 2172A 002Ambient Advertising Intrusive ads in public spaces Ad fatigue and clutter Criticisms within industry o Bob GarfieldEnvironment pollutantsOuter SpaceAdvertising in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a human being on the surface of the Earth without the aid of a telescope or other technological deviceArguing that large advertisements could destroy the darkness of the night sky Their size and light emissions could impede astronomical observations that rely on a dark celestial environmentStealth EndorsersUse or wear products in public appearances interviewsNaming Rights Turning public spaces into commoditieso ie skydome into rogers centreBody TattooingAuctioning off parts of their body for ads Permanentmore moneyTattooing on AthletesNevada Athletic commission NAC if they want us to advertise on the trunks it is fine with us But we feel that the body is not meant to advertiseProduct Placement New ways to integrate advertising and content Exampleso Will and Gracewore a pink polo shirt gave a little blurb to go buy a pink polo o Interactive TVo In Movie TheatresCinema Billboards Networks boasts We have a captive audience watching your advertisement No interruptions The patrons sitting in the theatres are not going anywhere o Buena VistaWe do not believe people should be held hostage to unavoidable commercials in theatres anymore than on their telephoneso Ralph NaderCustomers should have a choice as to how their use their timeSociologyWeek TwoSeptember 18 2012Movie NotesFront Line
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