Sociology 2172A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nevada Athletic Commission, Halifax Gazette, Will & Grace

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Marshall mcluhan : wrote media is the message > 1st father of electronic age. Why is advertising studied: distribution of resources (uses mass amount of money) Social resources (peoples time and effort put into them: impact on society. **almost half say advertising more social impact than schools*: impact human behaviour. Now we discourse through objects (value in what someone has) Brand tribes: brands have meaning and when you wear it, it says something about you. Ex nike - just do it > you"re strong, overcome things. Harsh: 60% say advertising insult to one"s intelligence. Most familiar type (slap ads on everything > intrusive) Gar eld environmental pollutants (ad clutter/ fatigue) 1980s began putting on sides of cows. Ariel ads: 80% readership and retainment, but expensive. Due to astronomers haven"t got approval yet. Social advertising: trying to get someone to stop a certain behaviour. Ex drinking and driving, smoking: stealth endorsers. Wear product in interviews/ public: naming rights.