Sociology 2172A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Health Promotion, Childhood Obesity, Really Me

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Something we are not aware of (at the subconcious level) Study of 46,000 people who watch a movie picnic where coca-cola and popcorn pop up every 0. 003 seconds > claimed sales of these products rose. Study couldn"t be replicated (fabricated the ndings) Claims hidden sex messages and images are in ads. Claims sex is written all over ritz cracker. Gilbert"s gin - ice cubes spell sex. Subliminal perception - parkanis and greenwald (*** = most common: sub-threshold stimuli *** Like the popcorn & coke > original meaning of subliminal: masked stimuli. Ex word right before bright light: unattended stimuli *** Don"t see at conscious level: figurally transformed stimuli. Quotes: broadcasters need to recognize that their role in a marketer"s media mix is going to evolve. They should evolve their points of view accordingly. Abc rejecting kfc"s dollar bill in lettuce ad in which you rewind to see the subliminal message > 70,000 ppl went on to website.