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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Christopher Ellis

Advertising and Society Test 1 Lecture 1  Marshall McLuan, first father of the electronic age, Canadian Communication Scholar.  “all advertisers advertise advertising”  exposed to 3,500 ads a day, not including the ones we see on a computer Why is advertising studied in Sociology? 1. Distribution of resources  Financial  Ads should be looked at as an major social institution 2. Impact on Society  People wear clothing in order to advertise for the company  We ask for a “q-tip” not a “cotton swab”  Impacts our behaviors  Tells us what in and how we should feel about certain products 3. Agent of Social Control  Parents are agents of social control, we act based on how our parents raised us  Police, we behave ourselves so we don’t get in trouble  Shows us what’s cool and how to be in the “popular clique”  Become reliant on certain things due to advertising.  Cause of advertising we determine people based on how they present their self. Public Opinion What has a greater influence on society?  Schools, 54 %  Advertising, 42 % Most advertising is an insult to one’s intelligence  Yes, 60%  No, 40 % Types of Advertising Ambient  Ads that are in your face  Public places  Constantly having to find new ways to advertise  Fill in forms to win  Bob Garfield “ environment pollutants” Billboard  First billboard in North America  Coca-Cola  Outside  Different Forms  3-D  Colour  Fun, draws attention Types of Billboards  Mobile  Floating  Swimming pool  Umbrella  Sports events  Buildings  Bus shelter  Bus seats  Sky (hot air balloon, flying banner) Out Space  Ads in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a human being on the surface of earth without the aid of a telescopes of other technological device FAA  Federal Aviation Administration  Does not argue on a spiritual objection  Look and see if there’s too much light in the sky and ruin it for people that enjoy the stars in space Stealth Endorsers  Use or wear products in public  Don’t promote product Naming Rights  Turning public spaces into commodities  Sky Dome  Rogers Centre  Get naming rights to just about any product Tattooing on Athletes  Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC)  Body not meant to advertise  Demeaning to sport  Distracting to judges Product Placement  Movies, Tv Shows  Quite recent  Use to be avoided  Today they make sure there is a large amount of product placement  ET was the first, reeses pieces  James Bond, largest product placement  100 million  Free cars  Make product look good New ways to integrate advertising + content  With technology we can do things we’ve never done before  Will + Grace example Movie Theatres  Movie previews  People aren’t moving anywhere  Buene Vista  do no believe people should be held hostage to unavoidable commercials in theatres anymore than on their telephones Lecture 2 Singer (1994)  Advertising is a key element in economic history as well as our social, technological, artistic and cultural histories and perhaps are of the keys to the understanding of the evolution of our complex urban society  Product advertising is 150 years old  Advertising has been around for 1000 years, some things today would not count as advertising 8 major periods of Advertising History 1. Preliterate Period- 3000-400 BC  1200 BC, painted or carved messages on stones  No literacy  Used symbols to communicate  Painted on walkways  Thenisian alphabet, first alphabet to form th  6 century BC Town Criers  Oral advertising  Dress to draw attention  Carry a big bell  Loud voice, persuasive  Most prominent form of advertising 2. Classical Period 400 BC- 100 AD  Street advertising  Important events  Personal classified, wine, house rental.. 3. Middle Ages 100 BC-1400AD  Low literacy levels, people are starting to read  No rules can lie about what you are trying to sell 4. Late Middle Ages 1400-1600  Cartoons  Pamphlets + Brochures  More literacy  Printing Press  Gutenberg 1450  Chinese men invented it before, wasn’t efficient enough  1480 first poster, rule book for priests  1480, posters began to go on walls, advertising spread quickly 5. Early Mass Media Period 1600-1900  More material  High school year book, academic journal  Germany is the first place to have periodicals st  1 known newspaper was about plants  Ads for uni, zoo, religious  1752 Canada’s first newspaper, Halifax Gazette 6. 20 Century Mass Media 1900-1920  cities develop  Invention of printing press  Lots of pics in magazines  Better printing, faster  Brand names became popular  Lots of new products  Changed advertising  Ad agencies were created, institutionalized advertising  1 Canadian journal (1908)  1911, 43 cities in Canada has more that one newspaper (Toronto had 6)  Ad’s would tell use what’s wrong with us, shows us what’s socially acceptable  Insecurities came out  During the war women became a target of advertising 7. Beginning of Electronic Advertising 1920-1980  Determine out social structure  Created the consumer  Guide parts of social structure  Scientific advertising- John B Watson  Study blogs of human behavior  Started using celebrities to sell  Colour ads, more interesting + eye contact 8. Information Society  Successor to industrial society Industrial Revolution  Product advertising starts with this  Products that were only available to the poorer people where at one time only the rich could afford such products  Surplus of products  Lead to 3 eras in advertising  Products  Sales  Marketing Ideas behind Advertising Hard-Selling Approaches  40-50s  Start seeing how ads stress certain pro
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