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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

Sociology 2172 Advertising and Society 9242013 82600 AM You see around 35000 ads a day Social institutionsMedia is a now a social institutionMarshall McLuhan first father of the electric age He wrote the medium is the message All advertising advertises advertisingAd fatigue and ad clutter Kleenex QTIP are brands not the actual name of the product Virtually ignored in the field of sociology50 PERCENT of people think that ads have a bigger impact on children than the public school system Social advertisement Drinking and driving it changes our behavior based on successful adWet wipes for your ass another product introduced that you didnt know you needed Perpetualmachine to get us to use new products Social control Is why you behave the way you behave Lots of agents of social control examples Through ads your parents etc 3 key reasons why advertising should be studied 1 Distribution of resourcesAmount of money amount of human capitol There are people who work on super bowl ads all year long it can make or break a company2Impact on society Has a massive cultural impact on society3Agent of Social Control Vivid message of social rolesEx Gender roles Normative institution how was ought to behave reinforces values and norms in our society as well as creates themAdvertising reflects and creates culture in society Privilege form of discourse has a prominence in your life it will have a large impact Examples your parents where you learn from who influenced you elders priests political leadersReplaced by objects or things now days we judge people how they look we dont have to askWe size up people without getting to know them We place a high value on objects We send signals to people around us by how we are representedAdvertising doesnt sell products it sells lifestyles and messages Everyone is impacted by advertising60 percent of people said advertising is an insult to our intelligence50 percent of people said that advertisement is essential to sell products50 percent say they arent influenced by ads There are many different perspectives on advertising Example Question Privileged form of discourse priests have no impact on societyFALSEWhat has a greater influence on societySchoolsAdvertisingBoth are equal Ambient Advertising most familiar with intrusive ads that you find everywhere Due to ad clutter advertisers are finding new places to advertiseCriticisms Bob Garfieldenvironment pollution with advertisements H magazine Backlash on consumers trying to avoid ads consumer revoltAdvertising on parking meters back in the 80s would put ads on cowsFirst billboard in North Americacoke Picture look up3D billboards mobile billboards floating billboards in swimming pools on umbrellas airports washrooms elevators silent ESPN AD Cleaning cost went down 40 percent Cigarettes companies put a lot of money into sports andthey arent allowed to advertise on tv or magazine but on cars they are allowed Germany how a contest to come up with creative design covers for trucks Pepsi came first Social advertising Drunk drivers adAD WENT WRONG Got Milk in San Fran strips that smelled like cookeis in bus shelters3 MAIN REAONS PEOPLE OBJECTED 1 Allergies2 Not fair to the homeless people teasing them 3High rates of obesity tempting people to go buy chocolate chip cookiesSponsorship ads In Maritimes trying to get kids to eat healthier Program went from school to school telling you to eat healthier it was Ronald McDonaldNew Brunswick said they didnt want Ronald McDonald hosting that programMcDonalds wanted to put ads on students report cards Molson wanted to create a center in Guelph but they would have to call it the Molson center so Guelph denied the offer Arial ads are still part of ambient advertising 80 percent readership and retention this is because it catches your eye its interesting Outer Space is not safe from commercialism some companies want to put
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