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EC 2124 - November 7, Exam Notes + Written Assignment.docx

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Sociology 2172A/B
Leigh Mac Donald

Written Assignment 2 out of the 3 policies must be through class content Feel free to say that our model doesn’t work because… 4-6 pages, nothing less or more. World Bank page, CIA, Factbook, etc. Botswana Case • Landlocked • Was one of the poorest countries in Africa when gained independence in 1966. • Became one of the fastest growing economies in the world. • Growth primarily due to mining (Diamonds) • Stable democracy Inequality  Unemployment = 20% (Very High)  Lack of skilled workforce, but high expenditure on education.  Heavy reliance on diamonds (lacking adversity)  Budged is balanced (Usually money is a problem, its limited, but Botswana is good. Most countries in the world run on a deficit)  Life Expectancy 47-53 (Moving in the right direction but still bad, this is due to HIV/AIDS)  6% of government spending is in HIV/AIDS programs. = LOTS OF THINGS WE COULD SUGGEST FOR BOTSWANA Policies  Skills  Education – Are a lot of the educated population infected?  Unemployment  Health  Employers?  FDI?  Economy Growth (Good growth for a developing country, not so good for developed)  Reliance on one industry (Flatness in the mining industry could have various people out of work with no other options for employment)
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