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Lecture 1IntroductionAdvertising is a very considerable part of our total culture it is not separable from any of the other activities of our world Marshall McLuhanAll advertising advertises advertisingad clutterad fatiguepeople are hit with too many ads they are just tiredadvertising is the most powerful determining human behavior in our societybut often not studied in sociologysocial institutions eg religion family advertising is one of the most prominentsocietys values are affected by advertising eg social advertisingMADDeg no longer cool to drink and driveculture and advertising impact each other one reflectscreates the othersome brands dont advertise the product they advertise the imagestatus of thingsagents of social control eg police parents peer groups control how one behavesadvertising is also another agent of social controlthere are scientific processes that back up studies and discoveries in sociologyWhy advertising is studied in sociologylarge monetary and social resources are distributed to advertisinglarge impact on societymajor contributor to cultural content eg new terms from advertisingagent of social controlPublic opinion on advertisingthink its a little annoying but indispensablepeople just put up with itpeople enjoy advertising as an art form eg best ad awardsnecessary for the economy to keep selling productsobjects have become more important to interpersonal relationshipspositive for the most partmany thought 40 advertising more influential than school60 thought it is insult to ones intelligence may work just as wellencourages people to overvalue material things eg what people have etchuge toll to the environment Types of Advertisingambient advertisingintrusive ads in public placeseg televisions magazines billboardsenvironmental pollutants Bob Garfieldcost of advertising in the traditional way gone way up effect goes downmay cause consumer backlash where people dont buy stuff advertisedcreative advertising only started in the 80s with better technologycolor photos color tv helped it take offouter spaceads seen on surface of the Earth without need of telescope etc stealth endorsersuse or wear products in public appearances interviewthey dont sell it very obviouslyeg sponsor on soccer jerseysif representative status goes down reflects badly on the brandnaming rightsturning public spaces into commoditieseg Rogers Arenabody tattooing
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