Sociology 2180A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Milkmaid, Penicillin, Infant Mortality

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Self report surveys (how would you rate your health?: presence (or absence) of speci c health conditions. Come from health records, survey"s: disability. Self reported on survey or measured by interviewer. Framework for study: de ne measure of health, what pop we want to study. Ie race, sex: obtain data to study patterns. Quantitative mostly (surveys, administrative data: design project to test theories, develop policy to improve health. 3 important studies of health: john graunt (1665) - bubonic plague. Interested in bubonnic plague london 1665 (transferred through rat ea) Deaths recorded by searcher of the dead . Graunt studied bills of mortality (# dead, by what cause) Discovered deaths by all causes increased during plague. Property destroyed in fire of london (also catholic so blamed) Plague resurfaces (madagascar, 2014: john snow (1854) - cholera. Skeptic of miasma theory of disease (spread through bad air) Noticed water trend with broad street pump.