Sociology 2206A/B- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 25 pages long!)

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We are going to be using spss in this course. Spss is the most widely used data collection method. Spss is used to analyze large data sets. General idea about the way things work. Specific statement about how 2 variables are related to one another. You collect data about the independent and dependent variables. Operationalization - a way of gathering data. Ex: determining a person"s gender by looking at them. Reliability = findings are consistent over time and place. Validity = are you measuring what you think you are measuring. General ideas about how things work (2) hypothesis: Educated guess (3) operalization (4) empirical generalizations: Patterns will allow us to make generalizations about the empirical world. Empirical world = things that you can sense. Research methods carrying out an investigation in sociology by using the scientific method. An objective, accurate, systematic analysis of empirical data, in order to discover recurring relationships, and to advance human knowledge .

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