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Sociology 2206A/B
Stacey Hallman

Chapter 10Interviewing In Qualitative ResearchDifferences between structured and qualitative research interviewsQualitative interviewing is much less structured and tends to be more openended It also allows greater freedom to modify and add research ideas once the investigation has begunGreater interest in the interviewees perspectivesGoing off on a tangent is encouraged interviewer may ask unplanned questions to their responsesoInterview schedule is discouraged because it diverges from the plan and may affect reliability and validity Qualitative interviewing tends to be flexible responding to the direction of the intervieweeoStructured interviews are inflexible because of standardization In qualitative interviewing researcher wants detailed answers in structured interviewing the interview is normally wanting to generate specific answersIn qualitative interviewing the interviewee can be interviewed more than once In structured person is interviewed onceQualitative interviewing is meant to be flexible in order to explore the world views of research participantsUnstructured and SemiStructured InterviewingInterviewing in qualitative research is typically unstructured or semistructuredUnstructuredResearcher uses a memory aid prompts to investigate certain topicsInterviewer may ask a single question then the interviewee is allowed to respond freelyoUnstructured is similar in character to a conversationSemiStructuredResearcher has a list of questions or fairly specific topics to be covered but still has leeway in deciding how to replyQuestions may not follow exact order in the guide and some questions not on the list may be asked in response to what the interviewee saidBothIn both the process is designed to being out how the interviewees themselves interpret and make sense of issues and eventsResearchers believe using a interview guide hinders genuine access to the worldviews of members of a social setting are likely to favor an unstructured approachIf they start it off on a clear focus and more than one person is to carry out fieldwork it is semistructured
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