Sociology 2223A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Visible Minority, Substance Dependence, Relate

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Protection varies by class, gender and race: 20% of police contacts are with the mentally ill and substance dependent over half of those people that are arrested are arrested while under the influence. 66% have a childhood maltreatment history: classical perspective of policing: Recover stolen property: traditional beliefs of effective policing involve a separation of politics, focusing on street crimes, car patrols, rapid response and skilled investigations, thin blue line: the police prevent anarchy and prevent riots from happening. Thin blue line stands between danger and good citizens. Actual law enforcement: there were 68,777 sworn officers in canada in 2015, which is a 5% decrease since 2011. 21% are female officers (compared to 8% in 1993) Ptsd: new trends in policing include civilization, privatization and tiered policing (joint policing agreements between federal, provincial and municipal, there is a constant reality associated with policing. Officers are caught in circumstances they did not create, but may reinforce.