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Published on 22 Mar 2015
Western University
Sociology 2240E
Social Theory Last Lecture Before Midterm
Midterm: SSC 2050 1:00pm
Thinks about the system
Consensus universalis: systems hang together
The system is bigger then we are
We don’t know enough to control it
Only a select few have the ability to control it
We have to be in it, and not disrupt it
Connection between system and conservative (protect the status quo) point of
How does he order the social world?
Comte’s View of His Contemporary Society
Comte’s view of how the social world works:
oIt functions under the control of benevolent elites
Property owners
oThese people are intellectually superior to Comte because these people
have AUTHORITY not power
oMakes sense to him to be benevolent
oIf you are intellectually superior you are smart enough to know that you
are stupid if you are greedy
oElites who are intellectually superior and benevolent don’t run things in
order to make more, they are simply trying to manage the social system,
that’s there motive, to MANAGE it
ex. Levine could make more, but settles with what hes doing
because he doesn’t want more than what he needs (motive)
oDistribution of wealth:
Realists: aren’t thinking about a persons back account, because we
don’t care about the person
Property is a sign of social health
Money is potential exchange
The amount doesn’t matter, the potential exchange is what
This is a good thing for Comte: allows the elites to spend
all their time managing the system
Sees 6 characteristics of the modern world: (first 4 are good, last 2 are bad)
1. The scientific control of industry and the tremendous increase in
production that it has initiated
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