Sociology 2253A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Indictable Offence, Plain View Doctrine, Handcuffs

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Mistaken beliefs about crime: dramatic fallacy. Media portrays crime as being more impactful and dramatic. Sherlock holmes effect - glamorizes detectives (superhuman people: ingenuity fallacy. Criminals far more clever than what they are. Just ordinary people taking advantage of an opportunity: age fallacy. Media gives impression most victims are older (by focusing on elderly crime) Young males, most common victims of violent crimes: constabulary fallacy. Assumes of cers can do more about crime than they actually can. Most crime goes unsolved and unreported dark gure crime (crime not reported) > only 10% reported. Sources of knowledge of crime: of cial stats. Police provide info into uniform crime reporting system (ucr) sent to stat can. Good in canada, but suffer under-reporting due to failure to report crimes most accurate stat > murder - hard to get rid of body (exception. Stats can or independent survey public about victimization.