Sociology 2253A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Anger Management, Newgate Prison, Cody Legebokoff

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Lecture 6: courts ii - controversial issues: bail: **one of top public issues** Release authorized by jp (less serious) or supreme court justice (serious offence) Brought to court within 24 hours to determine merits of detention. Factors for release: section 11(e) - any person has right to bail unless reasonable . Burden on system to let people out ex guy held without bail for 4 years (these yrs count as double: bail reform act of 1972. Release with conditions: no-go (don"t go in area, no drug, no contacting victim, etc) Release with recognizance: 15166$ deposit (forfeit if they don"t appear) Posse commitatus: allow bounty hunters (only in usa) Dog the bounty hunter: famous for andrew lust case. Show cause hearing: minor cases where crown show why a bail should be justi ed. Ex hong kong billionaire serving sentence in rooftop condo. **usually in cases where they"re already out on 1 charge**